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At We Are Impact Collective, we help you to initiate, embrace, and scale positive impact. We bring together different areas of expertise to tackle interconnected challenges. Whatever the change you are looking for, we’re here to inspire, guide and support you every step of the way. 

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About us

We Are Impact Collective
We help you to initiate, embrace, and scale impact.
We bring together different fields of expertise to tackle interconnected challenges. So whatever the change you are looking for - in leadership, impact investing, scaling planetary and societal solutions, strategy, ESG, philanthropy, venture building, inner development goals, circularity, distributivity, or inclusiveness - we're here to inspire, guide and support you every step of the way.
We would love to hear more about the change you are looking for.

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An impact boutique

We help you with the skills, knowledge and resources you need to achieve your impact goals and make a meaningful change. We work with investors, companies, universities, C-level executives, boards, impact ventures, and impact funds. We tailor projects to your specific needs, mixing and matching expertise.

Leadership & Organizational Change

Responsible and connected leadership is the key to driving long-term success and nurturing organizational change. We offer leadership mentoring, advice and various assessments, and coaching on  inner development goals. We help leaders to redesign their business model and guide leaders in the process of nurtering organizational change.

Responsible leadership
Nurturing organizational change
Leadership mentoring
Assessment of team
Assessment of leadership skills
Assessment of sustainability skills
Inner development goals
Business model design (circular, system)

Impact Investing

We help your navigate the impact investing world with confidence and purpose. We offer inspiration, exploration, goal setting, portfolio building, impact reporting, and due diligence (on impact, business plan, and team). Our quick scans for investors offer a rapid assessment of the impact potential of various investment options. Finally, we can follow up or set up investments for you. You can call us if you want to learn about impact reporting.

Investing inspiration & exploration
Roadmap to impact investing
Help with portfolio building
Help with reading impact reports
Quick scans for investors
Follow up with impact funds
Impact investing due diligence

Scaling purpose-driven organizations

We help organizations rethink their future readiness with our What If framework. We guide  purpose-driven organizations with pitch creation,  communication, getting customers and storytelling.  In addition, we work closely with organizations to refine their positioning in the market and their transition roadmap to develop effective impact strategies.

Pitch creation
Communicating your impact DNA
What if workshops
Getting customers
Positioning in your market
Transition and system design

Goals, Reporting & Certification

How to set goals for, report on, and certificate positive change? We help you to track progress and communicate impact to stakeholders, by defining impact KPI’s and ESG KPI’s, drafting road maps, and setting up reporting frameworks. We will help you storytelling your impact to your stakeholders and the wider field.

Impact KPI setting and roadmaps
ESG KPI setting and roadmaps
Transition to sustainability: roadmaps
Reporting frameworks
Impact storytelling
Stakeholder management

Communication & Storytelling

How to inspire and engage audiences, build an impact story, and be a thought leader in your field? Curious about the best examples? We offer onboarding services for next-gen leaders, team storytelling will help you share your story with the world (off course we will never go for greenwashing or impact washing). Our "who is who" helps you navigate the landscape of sustainability and impact, identifying key players  in the field.

Building your impact story
Thought leadership
Onboarding next gens
Share your story with your team
Share your story with the world
What is Greenwashing, what is Impact washing

Training, workshops, Keynotes & Micro Courses

Our tailored trainings, workshops, keynotes, and micro-courses will help you develop the skills to create positive change. We cover a range of sustainability and impact topics, including ESG, impact investing, circularity, innovation, business design, business models, impact, venture, philanthropy, leadership, IDG, scaling impact companies, and transition of a family office. We talk diversity, inclusivity, system change and relational equity. We provide both basic and C level impact skill training and inspiration.

Circular business model training
Basic and advanced level sustainability, impact skills development
Develop an academy for your organisation or family


We provide a range of services for building circular collaborations, collaborations as a team or family, building coalitions of the willing, and building networks to empower women, change makers, and sustainability and impact experts. Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of each organization. In addition, we help you to find like-minded partners, creating opportunities for sharing ideas and collaborations.

Build a circular collaboration
Collaboration as a team
Building coalitions of the willing
Building networks to empower women
Building networks for change makers
Building networks for sustainability experts


Give with impact. Our services include inspiration, exploration, purpose searching and road mapping to philanthropy. We work for wealth owners and corporates. We love trust-based philanthropy, catalytic philantrophy  and pledges. We do quick scans, follow-up and due diligence. We can build a philantrophic portfolio and can act as the in between person. We wonder, what's the cause that is closely to your heart, your business or your family?

Philantropy inspiration & exploration
Purpose and roadmap to philanthropy
Wealth owners & philanthropy
Corporate philanthropy
Philantrophy portfolio building & follow-up
Trust based philantrophy
Philantropy quick scans
Philantropy due diligence
Catalytic philanthropy


We are committed to help you make informed decisions about ventures and provide the mindset and skills needed to create a positive impact through entrepreneurship. Our services include purpose and road map-to-venture, quick scans, follow-up, due diligence, venture portfolio building, venture mindset, and “who is who”. In addition, we assist you to develop a venture portfolio that aligns with your values and vision for a better world.

Venture inspiration & exploration
Purpose and roadmap to venture
Venture Quick scans
Venture due diligence
Venture portfolio building
Venture mindset

Family Office Specifics

Find your family's purpose and grow your positive impact. Our services include impact discovery training, storytelling, in-between-person services, quick scans of venture and impact opportunities, impact tracing and inspiration safaris. We guide you in finding your impact goals and provide support to communicate the impact to stakeholders.  When we work for families in impact investing, we often encounter family dynamics, psychological glue, next gen education, sustainable ownership and ownership competence topics.

Family office: purpose
Family office impact training
Telling Impact stories to shareholders
Sharing stories for next gen
In between person for philanthropy, venture, impact funds
Quick scans of venture, impact opportunities
Ownership competence assessment
Relational equity
Financial education
Relational equity

Stay Ahead

Stay ahead of the curve by anticipating the latest social and planetary innovation, the best and often new thinking on topics like leadership, societal movements, impact investing, venture building, philanthropy, policy and so on. We give keynotes and create newsletters for you on topics you want to follow. We know our way to  workshops, people, articles, and places to go. We want you to stay ahead and be connected to the latest trends and opportunities for positive change.

Topic trend inspiration
Inspiration safari's
Impact mini MBA in 1 day


The future of ecology is both challenging and uncertain. We Are Impact Collective helps you to set and meet your environmental goals by developing planetary roadmaps. We love regenerative principles. We know our way in through certifications like carbon neutral, science based targets validation and carbon reduction plans and can reflect with you on the role of carbon credits. We believe we should reduce emissions as much as needed. We consider biodiversity restoration and biologic conservation as a top priority. We are having conversations with experts with deep dive biodiversity knowledge. Our team is dreaming of combining inspiration safari’s, impact mini mba’s with the restauration of corals, mangroves and forests

Restoration ecology
Footprint improvement
LCA analysis
Carbon reduction

Various impact topics

We Are Impact Collective offers services focused on positive change for societal and planetary challenges. We provide expert guidance on diverse topics such as women's empowerment, inclusivity, and biodiversity. In addition, we have experts in our network on foresight, design thinking, workshop facilitation, impact real estate, and more. We inspire, advice, keynote, cheerlead changes for good as it all needs to improve at at the same time. What are you working on?

Women's empowerment & inclusivity
Community building
Financial logic of pensions
Impact real estate

Experts & guides

A collective of experts to guide you on your impact journey

We are the unapologetic future-optimists, tender die-hards, and humble mavericks. We Are Impact Collective brings together experts from across the impact landscape, sharing the same drive: to help, support, embrace, nourish, reflect on, implement, and cheerlead your impact journey.

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