About Esg & Impact | Astrid Leyssens

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Astrid founded We Are Impact Collective to achieve system change. Over the years, she developed an integral approach to impact, recognizing the interconnection of various disciplines and the importance of collaboration among diverse experts.
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About Provotyping | Stefaan Vandist

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Stefaan has a decade of experience as a brand strategist in advertising and has since dedicated the past 15 years to exclusively assisting impact initiatives to flourish. With a fresh array of insights, trends, storytelling structures, and illuminating examples, Stefaan conducts lectures and workshops to inspire and captivate audiences and groups of people at seminars and in-company events.
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About Leadership | Bieke Van Gool

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With her expertise in leadership development, Bieke supports the transformation and development processes of organizations, teams and their leaders. As an entrepreneurial connector, she facilitates re-thinking priorities and finding pragmatic solutions.
She works systemically on context creation that enables more impact.
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About Design | Jan Leyssens

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Jan is a recognized circular business model development expert and a positive-minded professional. He specializes in helping businesses shift their perspective and redesign their business models to achieve tangible, lasting change. He firmly believes that the only effective way to tackle global challenges is to adopt a proactive mindset of doing, exploring, and testing instead of relying on theoretical approaches or lobbying efforts.
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About Purpose | Els De Ridder

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With a wealth of experience in impact branding, communication, innovation, and business development, Els has the expertise to assist you in making your business work for the greater good while remaining profitable. Els firmly believes that purposeful entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of a healthy company.
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About Startup Investing | Don Ritzen

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Don is a seasoned expert in startup investments. He guides entrepreneurs and families, including the next generation, seeking to invest a portion of their wealth in impactful ventures. He focuses on startup investments and assists clients with limited experience who require support in starting or enhancing their investment portfolios.
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About Project Management | Saskia Michielsen

Saskia serves as one of our fly-in experts. She has an extensive background in leadership roles in school environments and is highly skilled at project management. For now, Saskia is responsible for scouting locations for our team, office, and Impact museum.
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About Finance | Anneleen De Bonte

Anneleen has developed a unique expertise at the intersection of health, urban development, and fair finance. Anneleen worked her way into a field she knew nothing about beforehand and is now being asked for advice by more and more impact-driven funds, financial institutions and healthcare providers because of her holistic perspective.
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About Societal Challenges | Artemis Kubala

Artemis has an international and European law background and extensive experience in project management and design thinking. She focuses on inclusion and innovation, building on the premise that we need everyone’s capabilities and talents to build a better today and a durable tomorrow.
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About Grants | Kurt Peleman

Kurt boasts an extensive background in the impact space, having served as CEO of EVPA (European Venture Philanthropy Association), played a significant role in the launch of Co-Impact, and introduced Ashoka to Belgium. He has also collaborated with various large NGOs, small non-profits, and innovative social entrepreneurs across Europe, Africa, and Asia.
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About Group Performance | Tamara Lenaerts

Tamara is our expert women empowerment. She supports organizations in their transition to a more gender-inclusive corporate culture. She incorporated her extensive experience in setting up and facilitating women’s festivals, circles and in company women’s networks into a training offer and tailor-made guidance.
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About Impact Investing | Suzanne Wisse-Huiskes

Suzanne is een allround impact expert, die zowel vanuit het perspectief van investeren als vanuit het perspectief van maatschappelijke impact inzichten inbrengt. Ze is adviseur van een groot aantal impactorganisaties en een ervaren lid van investeringscomités (o.a. van het InvestEU Fund).
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