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We Are Impact Collective

We bring together different areas of expertise to tackle interconnected challenges. So whatever the change you are looking for, we’re here to inspire, guide and support you every step of the way. Let’s bring impact into play.

We are

We Are Impact Collective.

We think of generosity as our guiding light and passionate pragmatism as our secret weapon.

We help, support, embrace, nourish, reflect on, implement, and cheerlead your impact journey.

We are not afraid to dream big, take bold action, fail, and rise again.

We are unapologetic future-optimists, tender die-hards, and humble mavericks.

And we would love to hear more about the change you are looking for.

we believe

It’s not what you do. It’s not how you do it. But it’s why you do it. This is why we started We Are Impact Collective:


In everything we do, we practice generosity. 

We're generous when connecting our clients with our network of experts. We infuse numerous inspirational cases in our workshops and share our knowledge online. Not because we like Santa Claus but because we know that every collaboration shows its true affluence when generosity is practiced daily.


Impact is our true motivation.

We are blessed to be the last generation that can turn the tide regarding climate, biodiversity, and energy transition, among other societal challenges. This is the intrinsic motivation for We Are Impact Collective. Impact happens if we align the power of creativity and entrepreneurship with purpose. That's why we're also selective with the clients we work with. Our collaboration's impact should be strategic, tangible, measurable, and fun, both in the short and long run.

Passionate Pragmatism

After all, passionate pragmatism is the actual force for change

Among our clients are organizations that use SDGs, ESG, CSRD, and schemes that taste like doughnuts. But, no matter your framework, We Are Impact Collective guides you from new ideas to implementation and flourishing futures. We know that it takes a courageous organizational culture to realize real change.

we connect

We Are Impact Collective rallies around a common goal: to make a positive impact. This isn't limited to one domain of your organization or family office. Therefore, we bring together different interconnected disciplines within impact, leadership, and sustainability.

Each of us is an expert in our specific field. Yet, we comprehend the power of connecting with like-minded peers and diverse backgrounds to get impact into action and up-to-speed. 

Join the Collective and bring impact into play

Experts & guides

A collective of experts to guide you on your impact journey

We are the unapologetic future-optimists, tender die-hards, and humble mavericks. We Are Impact Collective brings together experts from across the impact landscape, sharing the same drive: to help, support, embrace, nourish, reflect on, implement, and cheerlead your impact journey.