Artemis Kubala

With a background in international and European law, trained as a mediator, and with extensive experience in project management and design thinking, Artemis focuses on inclusion and innovation. She operates on the principle that to build a better present and a sustainable future, we need everyone's abilities and talents.

As a board member at participation organization LEVL, She Did It, and Sociale Innovatiefabriek, and as a sought-after jury member, external expert, moderator, and panelist on topics such as diversity, inclusion, identity, and collaboration, she commits herself to embedding change. She is familiar with artful participation, creating safer and braver spaces, and authentic communication.

With enthusiasm, courage, and commitment, she offers a unique contribution. Artemis is passionate about self-development, the opportunities that challenges present, and creativity as a driver for impact. She dreams of a world where our actions are driven more by inspiration than desperation, and she is dedicated to contributing as much as possible to this goal.

Stabilizacja motylka to szpilka.”

- Jan Izydor Sztaudynger

freely translated: stabilisation is an illusion


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Project management
Stakeholder management

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Artemis Kubala

July 29, 2023
August 5, 2023
August 2, 2023

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From a fragmented brand that lacked unique strength in the market, Els has positioned workwear brand Havep as a sustainable leader, a purpose-driven brand. By reinforcing the brand’s already existing sustainable DNA and introducing innovations, HAVEP established a strong position that attracted new customers.


Don is responsible for the first fundraising of Rockstart's initial web&mobile funds, including selecting and leading deals in companies like 3D Hubs (Exit USD 330 million to NYSE: PRLB), (USD 71.4 million Exit to NYSE: GDDY) and iClinic (Exit €27.9M to NASDAQ: AFYA). Additionally, he founded and led Rockstart's corporate practice, launching customized programs and competitions for renowned companies such as Philips, Sony, and Shell. Don guided Rockstart's successful expansion to Latin America, generating significant regional growth. He was part of the selection committee for the Energy, Agrifood, Digital Health, and AI programs, where he screened thousands of pitches and companies.

Volvo Cars Benelux

Stefaan partnered with Volvo to embark on a journey to the future, utilizing foresight and trend-watching tools and techniques. The objective was to envision and develop a set of future scenarios for car retail that would anticipate sustainable mobility perspectives.

VP Capital

Astrid provided coaching and support to the VP Capital family office, helping them with various subjects such as impact investing, sustainability transformation of heritage portfolio companies, philanthropy strategy, and ESG due diligence. Furthermore, Astrid helped VP Capital to attain Bcorp and SBTi status and advocated for impact investing in the Family Wealth world. Astrid committed to data readiness and compliance, engaging the team and portfolio companies in the journey towards sustainability and impact, creating strategic pillars and KPI models, managing public reputation, and facilitating communication with family members and external stakeholders. She also organized community events with HNW owners and portfolio companies, striving to transform wealth owners and existing companies into frontrunners in carbon reduction, circularity, regenerative practices, and inclusivity.

Impact Factory

Jan led the concept development for a circular hub, which involved repurposing a blackfield site into a thriving center for impact entrepreneurship. This initiative aligned the goals of both the city of Mechelen and the project developer. As part of his role, Jan developed a robust business model for the exploitation of the hub, strategies for market positioning and securing funding and financing.

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